About BreanaRaquel

My name is Breana Raquel and I’m an Artist. I have passion for creating music and films. I was born and raised in Maryland, and moved to LA to pursue my career. For years I have spent my time and effort learning about the entertainment business. I continue to learn through experiences and the constant challenges the industry throws my way. Although my main focuses are singing and acting, I enjoy branching out to the songwriting and screenwriting fields. I have goals to express my beliefs and values through outlets as influential as music and film making. Outside of the industry, my interests are fashion, interior design, cooking, and traveling. I am very grateful to have the family and friends who make up my support system and stand by my side through my journey. Exciting things are in the works and boundaries are being broken. I am especially excited to continue to grow as an artist and discover new things about myself through my passions!

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